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Where Have I Been All These Months!?!

Hello my friends! I was so inspired when I wrote my first post, life seemed so hopeful and bright... Then suddenly my life seemed to start falling apart in front of my eyes... I'm sure you can relate. We all have periods of life like that, don't we? One day you're smiling and life seems like the greatest gift ever... the next day it's as if someone ripped the rug fom uder your feet. Your world is upside down and you're slowly spiralling in oblivion, darkness consumes you, you're not sure if you'll ever see the light again... Everyone tells you it can only get better and yet around every corner heartache and despair greets you with more darkness... This has been the story of my life for the better part of 2019. Seems everytime I have made the conscious decesion to make a positive new start for myself I have been hit with more... Yesterday though was Halloween, Samhain, the Pagan New Year and it signifies the time to let go of negative and lower energies that hold you back and celebrate the new energy that will eventually take its place. This resonates more than ever with me this year. I know that this is also the time in which the veil betweeen the physical world and the spiritual world is at it's thinnest and therefore I can easily call upon the support of my guides, my ancestors and my dearly departed loved ones, this brings me great peace... I lost too many loved ones this year and it's comforting to feel their presence so strong this last month... Today is a new year for me and time to manifest the life of my dreams! Stay tuned to hear about my transition from the dark into the light! I will try to post at least a couple of times a week, my goal is to make daily posts, encourage me!!! PLease!!! Wishing you Many Blessings and Much Love until next time my friends...Blessed Be!

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