• Sandi

Time to Cleanse... Time to Purge...

My life is in a current state of chaos, as I rip apart my home... Cleansing, purging, making way for the new... I am literally tearing my house apart and deciding what to take with me into the next chapter of my life... a total makeover on my home and a reset for me... Taking time off to create the life I desire... meditating, manifesting, moving forward... This year, as I have mentioned has been heartbreaking to say the least... now i must rebuild... I tried suble changes, light cleansing... but that was not enough... the Universe forced me into my current upheaval and I am excepting it... time to stop fighting what must happen, changes that need to be made must be made... moving gracefully now into the unknown future that awaits me and although that can be unerving at times, it feels right...

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