• Sandi

Time for Transformation...

The last week has been a trying one, as I make this much needed transition... It can be hard to let go... of people, of possessions, of ideas... but sometimes we must, whether we are forced to by some power out of our control or we just wake up one morning and realize the things in our life that are no longer serving us... I have experienced both this year... I am grateful that at this point it is I who am making the choices to let go... For the majority of this year I have felt things were out of my control and life was unravelling in front of my eyes... I am now stronger and trying to step up and take control... Life is transforming before my very eyes... It is a scary, yet exciting time... It's alwasys easier to look back at the changes, where they took you and be grateful... In times of transformation though, it is hard to have that perspective... At moments I am optomistic, hopeful and excited for what the future has in store for me... At other times I feel broken, sad and alone as I cry my eyes out and question why everything has happened as it has... It is a rollercoaster of emotions and somedays I am simply along for the ride, holding on for dear life, afraid of what lies around the corner... Other days I am the creator, the manifestor of my dreams and life is beautiful... Today, I am tired... I am positive and I am sad all at the same time... Time to muster up some energy and dive into my day... Clearing the old, removing stagnant energy and making room for the blessings which await... Time to Manifest Bliss!!! So Mote It Be!

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