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Simple Bliss Returns!!!

Tomorrow I will do a soft reopening at the cafe and I must be excited, because I woke at 3:30am!!! Memorial Day weekend seems like a good time to give my new concept a test run. Town is closed to tourist still, but I feel locals will be ready to get out and about this weekend to see what businesses have reopened... I'm hoping to get lots of feedback!!! So, if you are reading this and local to the Tahoe area, Please Come See Me this weekend and tell me what you think!!! We are taking the utmost care to ensure everyone can enjoy the healthiest food in the basin and remain safe.... It is new and uncertain times we live in, so big changes had to be made! As I previously mentioned we will now have a Walk-Up Window! We have been constructing it over the last few days. Take a look!!!

I got as far as priming it last night. Today I will be adding color!!! I know it all still looks rough in these pics haha but it turned out quite nice! I can't wait to start decorating outside once it's complete! There is so much I have planned! That is why I say this weekend will be a soft opening. It will give me a chance to put the ideas I have come up with into action and find

out if they are going to be effiecient and also let me see how the customers respond. The cafe will be open Friday May 22 through Monday 25, I am still deciding on the hours lol and may play it by ear to a certain degree this weekend. Tuesday I will close to regroup and accessthings... Depending on the progress I make today and how things go over the next 5 days I will then decide on the next opening date... I apologize for the lack of clarity at the moment, but there will still be much to do (as you can see haha), kinks to work out and a few things we do this weekend will only be temporary fixes as I await the arrival of supplies (such as plexiglass). Please bare with me!!! I am working hard un so many new ideas! Guess that's why I woke up at 3:30 this morning lol My mind instantly went to work on what I needed to do today! I have work inside and outside, decorating, organizing, planning... So many little details to attend to, as well as a

few bigger projects to complete... Lucky for me I get the company (and occasional help from this little cutie! Which also adds to the excitement hahaha never a dull moment with him around!) Such a busy busy day ahead of me! Aside from all of that there will of course, be food to prepare! I have new recipes I look forward to sharing with you and of some of your favorite items (such as Blissed Out Nachos) will be returning!!! There could be changes more changes as we go along, so please stay tuned here and on social media to keep updated! Also pastries may change daily, so you'll definitely need to stay up to date on those!!! I'm sure you're wondering what new menu items could be on the way.... Soooo... I guess I could give away a little... If you are a long time customer, you may have been around for a few menu changes over the years...

One thing my customers were very disappointed to see go before was our Grilled Cheez, which at the time I had good reason for removing... BUT I have now worked out the issues from before and will be reintroducing our NEW & IMPROVED GRILLED CHEEZ!!! It pairs deliciously with our NEW TOMATO SOUP!!! (here's a pic from my experimenting at home during quarantine) Soooooo YUMMY!!! You must come try them this weekend and see for yourself!!!

With our new Walk-Up Window we will be geared more towards takeout. This means you will get your food quickly. You can kind of look at us as Healthy Fast Food!!! In these uncertain times we understand you may not want to be in close proximity to others anymore than necessary, so this change seemed wise. This does mean we have had to remove some of our more popular items due to how long they took to prepare... We apologize for this, but we are putting your safety (as well as ours) as our highest priority (and as you see we have new items planned that are sure to become favorites!) Our moto will continue to be KEEP TAHOE HEALTHY and we will strive to exceed the expectations that go along with such moto... You will see that firsthand when you visit! Masks will be worn at all times, frequent handwashing and superior sanitization measures will be implemented. We will have a temporary plastic barrier up this weekend (plexiglass is on the way! The inside of the cafe itself will be closed to public access due to the size, we cannot properly socially disance inside, therefore many items will be on display and visible through the windows. There will also be numerous menus and signs outside for your convenience. Although we expect a lot of to go orders, we will have a few tables out for those who would like to enjoy a cup of coffee or your meal in our cute outdoor seating area (currently a work in progress!!! May not be quite as cute as I'd like this weekend haha but it's coming!) Still so much to do, but I am so very excited and loving the journey I'm currently embarking upon... I can't wait to see how the cafe comes out after all the hard work that is going into it! I'm so grateful to all of you who have continued to show your support over the last few months!!! Looking forward to seeing you all very soon!!!

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