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Welcome to My Witchy Life

Hello Friends!

I am starting this blog so I can keep you updated on upcoming videos, offer tips and advice, answer questions and share with you the adventures of My Witching Life!

My name is Sandi, I own a Vegan Cafe in beautiful Lake Tahoe, CA. It opened July 3, 2012. It has been quite the journey! I must admit I am very proud of what it has become! I will be sharing recipes from there and giving you a peak inside of the cafe in the near future as well. In November 2018, after years of being encouraged by my partner in crime (haha), I started My Witchy Kitchen on YouTube. I am only 2 months in and learning so much already! What an adventure that has been in itself. I know have a few followers and am starting to get the feel for it. I have considered a blog for years, a few nights ago I watched 'Julie & Julia' and i was inspired! LOL I knew the time had come! So for the last few days, in addition to all my other projects, I have been working on figuring this out... I hope this will give us a chance to know each other better and a forum where we can dicuss topics that interest you! I really want to hear from you!

I look forward to sharing my ideas, vegan recipes, crafts and travel adventures with you!

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