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Embracing Change...

As I sit here this morning drinking my coffee, I am exhausted and every inch of my body aches... I have been trying to muster up the motivation to write this for about an hour haha Thanks to the power of caffeine I believe I am now ready! The last week has fully kicked my ass!!! Although I am definetly not complaining! I am so thankful for all of the progress I have been making at the cafe. As I previously mentioned, it has been very emotional for me every step of the way... The last few years I have put so much energy into decorating and making the cafe a sanctuary for my guests to enjoy... Crazy to think that over the the last week I have torn it apart... Vines and lights have been taken down, tables removed, books and card games taken home... So so very different... But change can be a good thing... We just have to adapt and embrace it...

That has been difficult for me with this current transformation... But I am learning to adapt... I am letting go of the vision I once had and allowing a new one to manifest... Not easy in the least... but oh so necessary in order to move into the next chapter of both my life and the cafe... So here we go! Let's see what I've been up to!

Lots of painting, reorganizing, deep cleaning and planning have been taking place as you can see... Made a complete mess of the cafe lol but it is now slowly falling into place... The last pic of me was taken yesterday as I painted the future outside order and pick up counters!!! I have been meticulously been setting up our new kitchen... No longer a cozy little cafe, but a huge kitchen which will be guaranteed to amaze you with some Blissful new creations very soon!!!

We even have dedicated baking station now!!! I must say that this is one of the most exciting changes for me! I love baking it is the passion that pushed me to open the cafe. I will be putting a lot more focus on it with the upcoming changes!!! I can't wait to tell you all of the delicious ideas I have come up with!!!

The rest of the kitchen is set up in stations that we never had room for before... I know there is sure to be changes as we begin to move towards opening. Just last night when I was there experimenting on a new creation I realized alot haha it will be a learning curve for us, so I foresee a slow start in the beginning to make sure we are up to speed in time for the summer.

Our Drink stations are ready to go though!!!

So... to those of you who are missing our Coffees, Chai, Juices, Smoothies and other delicious drink creations... We miss you too! You can expect to see us open and serving drinks and pastries in the very near future!!!

We will have all of the drinks you have always loved as well as some new ones and NEW BAKED GOODS!!! I know you're excited to hear that haha so stay tuned and follow us on social media to keep updated!!! All we have left to do before we can announce a date is to set up our Order/Pick Up Window. As well as ensure we have all of the safety measures in place we need to KEEP TAHOE HEALTHY!!!

Until next time my friends....

Remember to Always Follow Your Bliss 😘

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