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Covid-19... Time to Evolve!!!

Good Morning Friends! Wow!!! What a crazy fucking time we are living in... 2019 fully kicked my ass, as I have previously shared with you... But 2020 is totally unbelievable!!! How many of you feel like we are living in a freaking horror movie? How are all of you holding up? (please comment and let me know! Let's be here for each other!) I personally have experieced a rollercoaster of emotions... When first we heard of Covid-19 it was on the otherside of the world, another possible pandemic. Of course we've been warned for quite sometime this could happen, I don't think we fathomed that it truly could though... and that it could change our lives so much if it did... People other places wear masks, they fear pandemics, we are Americans with a false sense of security thinking these things will never actually affect us... UNTIL NOW!!! Suddenly it went from something we were hearing about through the media to our entire country on lockdown! How fucking crazy!?!

Just days before reality set in and I realized how serious this virus was, I was on a trip with my children. We often go to Reno, just over an hour away it makes a convenient getaway... We had pizza and played video games, we went bowling and we swam in the pool at our hotel... with less than 48 hours after that reality hit home... OMG how could I have taken my kids to these places!?! Yet, how the hell could I know what was about to transpire over the coming days, weeks, even months!?! On that specific trip, I remember thinking finally things were falling into place, finally after the most challenging and heartbreaking year of my life everything was turning around... I was so happy, so thankful, so optomistic...

Now let's jump ahead just days after that trip... casinos start closing down, business starts to slow, fear starts to build... I closed my cafe before it was mandated to be closed (when your slogan is Keep Tahoe Healthy, it's important to do your best to KEEP TAHOE HEALTHY!!!!) A few days went by, I tried doing take-out... sitting there all day, no customers, left to my thoughts and my doubts, wasn't good!!! I couldn't even bring myself to do deep cleaning or other normal busy work, as the future seemed so uncertain... would I ultimately lose my cafe? With that question, I knew I needed to step back... So, I decided to temporarliy close down and take some time to process as well as work on projects at home I had put off or didn't ususally have time for. (I'm sure many of you can relate to this!) I have also spent days barely moving from one spot, crippled by uncertainty... This is supposed to be the time of year business picks up, the time we start going on outdoor adventures, planning camping trips... yet we can't do any of that... I do get outside daily though! It keeps me sane!!! I'm blessed to back the forest, so I hang out in my yard (so many projects to work on out there!) and I go for lots of hikes with the little one. (gotta admit, I'm glad schhools are closed! Having him home all the time is awesome!!! I'm happy to be homeschooling) I also do lots and lots of baking, creating, reading, writing and brainstorming!!!! It is therapuetic, as well as propelling me in a positive direction!!!

At this point, although I still have many ups and downs... Not only have I had to deal with the pandemic and all that comes with that, I lost my father... and due to the virus, I couldn't even fly home to tell him goodbye... He was an amazingly intelligent (albeit stubborn haha) man whom taught me so very much... I miss him... I have had more than my fair share of loss since April of 2019... this time last year, I lost my Granny (possibly the most heartbreaking experience of my life...) I also lost multiple pets and friends over the last year... my heart has been beyond broken... 2019 & 2020 have been filled with too much loss... BUT I will not be broken!!!!

I am trying to rebuild myself, recreate my business and decide the new path for my life...

Lots of loss = Lots of change... Time to Evolve!!!

I will be sharing my journey with you in the days to come... I hope you will join me! As I metioned, I have been doing lots of baking.... Sooooo I will probaby share some of my creations with you (who wants new yummy recipes!?!)

For now... I'm going to finish my cup of tea and continue reading Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins (great book! I read it years ago) Highly recommend you read it, if you haven't!!! I also welcome book recommendations... This is a time for us all to grow, learn and evolve!!! Let's support one another while we do it!!!!

Until next time, my friends...

Blessed Be!

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