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and so begins 2020...

2020 is going to be my year!!! I have been manifesting it for many months and so far it seems my visions are coming to fruition! I couldn't be more grateful! Not that 2020 hasn't already held a few challenges for me haha, but they were simply obstacles to overcome. I look at everyday as a blessing and a chance to make life better than it was yesterday. This newfound mind set is an amazing change from the darkness that seemed to consume me most 2019. As they say it is the darkest before dawn, I tried to remind myself during my darkest of days... Now the dawn has arrived and it is better than I could have imagined!

This year I plan to seek out adventure, success, pure bliss!!! I am excited to already be planning my first camping trip to a never before visited destination, less than 4 hours away, but brand new to me! As the Dalai Lama said "Once a year, go some place you have never been" I say at least once a year!!! I am hoping for many more adventures into the unknown this year! I use to look at it as a challenge to go somewhere new without lots of time and planning, felt it needed to be a far off location. I have decided that although I want those kind of adventures as well, I also want to explore a little closer to home so that I can have new experiences on a regular basis! So time to put action behind my motives! In just a few days I shall be on my way to my first new place of the decade!!! So excited!!! Camping in a historical location, near hot springs with so much uncharted terrritory to explore. Just what I need to keep this positive energy flowing! And don't worry I promise to tell you about it and post some pics!!! I am really looking forward to sharing my upcoming travels on here :) Please stay tuned and see what awaits! Any suggestions!?! Comments!?! I'd love to hear from you!!!

This year is also time for me to work on my spirit, my mind, my perception of life... Tonight I plan to begin attending a meditiation class to get that on track, I'll be attending weekly for the course of the class. I am very apprectiative of the timing of this opportunity... Divine Timing seems to be my moto this year... Everything is unfolding so beautifully, so magically and I know that I have even greater blessings awaiting as the year unfolds... I look forward to sharing my magical journey with you all!

Blessed Be!

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