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Almost There!!!

OMG!!! Yes!!!! The cafe is almost there!!! Almost ready for our Grand Reopening on June 3!!!

So so exciting!!! We will also be kicking off our month long 8 Year Anniversary Celebration!!!

Our soft opening last weekend was an absolute success. Thanks to all of you beautiful people who came out and supported us!!! I truly appreciated all of the feedback as well!!! It was all so encouraging!!! I can't wait for all of you to see everything I have in store for the cafe!!! Still lots to do, but so much progress has been made so far! I can barely contain my excitement!!! Haha Take a look for yourself at how nicely it is all coming along...

See!!!! Check out that beautiful outdoor counter!!!! I fucking LOVE the color!!! It's so perfect for what I have in mind!!! SOOOO EXCITING!!! I hope to make the outside as welcoming as the inside was. Just wait til you see the finished product!!! As you may have noticed, I've also added adorable little fences to close in and expand our outdoor dining area!!! And that is just

the beginning!!! I also have a new banner on the way!!! It's crazy to think how sad I was just a few weeks ago when I decided to close the inside of the cafe to customers and make the transition to a walk up window... Now I am so so happy with all of the changes!!! If it wasn't for everything getting turned upside down and having to come up with a brand new business plan, I'm not sure I would have ever done this. I feel even if someday we reopen the inside, I will always be grateful for this, because our curb appeal has improved 100% already and is just going to get better!!! For now though... I am enjoying the extra space inside lol Working this weekend in such a huge kitchen was incredible! Still lots to dial in, but so much more room to create in!!! It was such an inspiring weekend. Not only did I get ideas on the decor, I came up with new menu ideas!!! I created our NEW MEXI-SLAW which then lead to the NEW TACO (pictured above!) and a revamped Taco Salad both will include the Mexi-Slaw and it will be available as a side as well. It was fun to try out my sample menu and see how well received it was... I know some favorites have disappeared, but the cafe has evolved and so must the menu... I will be posting the finalized version of the menu before our grand reopening so you can starting deciding what to try first haha I will be working hard to make sure everything is perfect when we reopen next week!!!

But not to worry!!! Thanks to this wonderful lady I am reminded to find balance and take breaks amidst all of this crazy work I'm doing hahaha Quarantine has been hard for us all... it's nice to have an old friend to battle the storm with and share some laughs (as well as a little whiskey) with! Thanks Shannan!!! As always, you're there when I need you most!!! Now come help me paint! Hahahaha I have made sure to remain grateful for the blessings that come from the chaos which we are all currently experiencing... Change leads to growth and growth always leads to good things and more blessings!!! I can not express my appreciation enough to all of you who have helped keep the cafe going over the last 8 years and I am grateful to all of those who will discover us as we emerge from our cocoon... I couldn't make my dream a reality without all of you!!! I am truly overflowing with gratitude at this moment for how far the cafe has come and for the fact that it is going to bounce back after the world has been shut down for the last few months... In order to show my appreciation for the entire month long celebration from June 3 - July 3, I will be giving away a FREE 8oz House Chai with our new housemade Brown Rice Mylk with purchase over $10, one per customer please! There will be all sorts of exciting specials and giveaways throughout the month, so if you aren't already following the cafe on FB and InstaGram now is the time!!! You don't want to miss out on all of the annoucements coming up!!!

Well, this was the second blog I wrote today haha ugh... I believe the first was far superior to this one lol but for some reason the universe decided it should delete itself and make me rewrite it... oh yay! haha Anyway I hope you have enjoyed it and I would love to hear any feedback you have!!! For now, I need to get my butt to the cafe and start working while the weather is nice!!!! Looking forward to seeing you all very soon!!! Please help me spread the word that we will be reopening next week, giving away chai for a whole month and announcing specials and discounts all month long!!! Can't Wait to See You!!!!

P.S. Just in case you were wondering....

BLISSED OUT NACHOS made the cut!!!! They will definitely be on the new menu!!!

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